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Deswik.Suite minimum and recommended specs

June 20, 2019
by David Sheath

While there’s some basic underlying hardware requirements for Deswik.Suite to perform well, the hardware spec required for workstations / PCs / laptops can vary depending on your use case and data sizes.

If you’re at the stage of spec’ing new machines and have any questions, please contact One or more of our consultants should have an understanding of your data sizes and be able to provide suggested specs accordingly.


Workstation Requirements for Deswik.Suite
Item Minimum for Viewing & Drafting (1) Minimum Recommended Huge Models (2)
Processor Quad Core, 2.5Ghz+ Quad Core, 2.5Ghz+ Quad Core,
Quad Core, 3.5Ghz+
RAM 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB
Video Card (3) Integrated 1GB Video Card 2GB Video Card 4GB Video Card
Display Resolution (4) 1920 x 1080
Hard Drive SSD Hard Drive
Operating System (5) 64 Bit versions of Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10
.NET Framework 4.6.x or higher
Visual C++ runtime libraries 2010, 64-bit, version 10.0.30319 or higher
2012, 64-bit, version 11.0.61030 or higher
2013, 64-bit, version 12.0.21005 or higher
2015, 64-bit, version 14.0.23026 or higher


  1. Lower spec machines may be able to run Deswik.Suite for viewing and drafting purposes, however the size of the file / data being loaded will be the limitation on the minimum spec machine required
  2. Typically large open cut coal models
  3. A note on Video Cards
    1. Nvidia or ATI cards are supported BUT Nvidia cards are preferred and have proven to provide better performance with Deswik.Suite.
    2. Intel integrated graphics cards are supported on a “reasonable efforts” basis and only under the following conditions:
      1. The card is an Intel Skylake generation or higher card
      2. The latest Intel graphics card drivers are installed
      3. The customer understands that integrated graphics cards will provide significantly poorer performance and may lack some functionality as opposed to a dedicated graphics card
    3. All video cards must support OpenGL 4.0+ and be running a driver not more than 1-year old.
    4. Please note additional GPU requirements for specific features are listed in the table Additional Specific GPU Requirements below
  4. Lower display resolutions may work, but some controls may not be visible in some configurations.
  5. Deswik follow the Microsoft Windows lifecycle for supported operating systems. At the time of writing, support for Windows 7 SP1 will end on January 14 2020 and any Windows 10 version below 1703 is unsupported. For further details please refer to this article. Deswik recommend Windows 10 1803 or higher with up to date, vendor-approved drivers and BIOS.


Additional Specific GPU Requirements
Feature Graphics Hardware Requirements
Hardware-accelerated texture mapped images
(Optional feature enabled in Tools | Options that improves rendering of very large images)
Support for OpenGL 4.6 and
GL_ARB_sparse_texture2 extension
e.g. Nvidia Quadro P-series, GTX 10-series, RTX-series, and newer cards
Point Clouds (Adv. Survey) Support for OpenGL 4.5


IT Infrastructure Requirements for Deswik.Suite

Gigabit network (all links) from workstation to file server

File Server

File server to use SAS or SSD hard drives (not Near-line SAS or SATA)


Server Requirements for Network Licensing Component – Based on 2019.1
Type Physical or Virtual
Processor Dual Core 2.5Ghz
Operating System Windows 2012 R2 Server, or above (64 Bit only)
.NET Framework 4.6 or above