Delivering measurable value

Process Mapping and Improvement

Our consultants have a strong history of assisting clients to develop transparent, accurate and consistent business planning and decision making processes. We work to define the requirements, design the delivery process and develop the models that add efficiency to your day-to-day business planning activities. This moves the focus of your effort to where it is needed: strategy and results (not fiddling with the tools or wondering what to do next).

  • Deswik maps processes to deliver a clear understanding of all tasks that are required, who is responsible for them, what data is used for the task and how it is managed, and how to avoid failure or duplication of a task that can affect the entire business.
  • We use the outputs to visualize how all tasks and data across different departments inside an organization are linked and accomplished. Then we design improvements by removing unnecessary tasks or creating a more efficient way to work.
  • We aim to help clients develop a mine planning process that has true practical application and meaning with respect to what happens at the mining face. We focus on solutions that are implementable, controllable and material in the operation and evident in the bottom line.