Dragline & Dozer Section Designer

Automated dragline section design tool with direct integration into Deswik’s mine design, scheduling and data management tools.


Dynamic Preview
Intelligent, rapid selection of multiple blocks using automated vertical dependencies.
Intelligent Automation
Reference points are generated from existing polylines or as a result of any operation. Distances can be measured with respect to any reference points, start of an operation or in profiles with constraints.
Data integrity and auditing
Data is stored on the design attributes for manual validation. Parameters used for every operation are preserved for auditing purposes.
Export pass-by-pass results and dimensioning straight to Microsoft Excel. Write attributes back onto solids for direct integration with Deswik.Sched.
Integration with 3d-DigPlus
Full integration with 3d-DigPlus allows seamless transfer of designs into the market leading mining simulation systems from Earth Technology.
An integrated platform
Direct integration into Deswik.MDM (Mining Data Management) and Deswik.FM (File Manager) for multi-user environments. Support to use spoil design tool outputs from Deswik.AdvOCC. Seamless integration with Deswik.Sched eliminates manual handling.