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Advanced Deswik.Sched training now available

marzo 24, 2015

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Deswik Training has had an extremely busy few months and the result is a whole new suite of Deswik.Sched training modules including core Deswik.Sched course and an Advanced Deswik.Sched course.

The core Deswik.Sched modules now include enhanced content on reporting and processes using updated functionality.

The much anticipated Advanced Deswik.Sched module has also been published and has received positive feedback from numerous recipients.

Based over 2 days, the Advanced Deswik.Sched module focuses on the more intricate concepts and functions in Deswik.Sched with the primary objective to enhance the user’s knowledge and overall effectiveness using Deswik.Sched.

Key concepts covered in the Advanced Deswik.Sched module include:

  • Complex resource assignment methods including multiple assignments and resource pool assignments.
  • Scheduling calendar options including time usage models and calendar reporting options.
  • Task and resource rate options including enhanced production rate and lookup table options.
  • Modifying dependencies and task delay options.
  • Advanced resource leveling options including command setup, application and results analysis.
  • Designing and building advanced reporting options, financials, and reporting graphs.
  • Period editing and schedule updates.

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