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Coming soon in Deswik.Suite 2016.1

diciembre 14, 2015

The next release of Deswik.Suite will be out early 2016 and is the first version to use a new naming system for Deswik.Suite versions. From next year, our versions will be named using the year the product was released and the iteration number. The first will be 2016.1, second will be 2016.2, etc.

Deswik.Suite 2016.1 will contain some powerful new tools and features, including:


Deswik.CAD 2

  • Deswik.CAD 3 screen rightGraphics improvements
    • Antialiasing options
    • Multiple viewports
    • Order surfaces to background
    • Improved point cloud solid generation
    • Smooth elevation coloring
    • Solid slice selection
    • Vastly improved snapping
  • Block model manipulation
    • Block model polygon generator
    • New commands: Join, Delete, Coalesce, Fields Copy
  • Design and planning
    • Interactive block generator
    • Signal tower coverage modeling
  • Integration


Deswik.CAD Surveying tools

  • Integration with Leica instruments
    • Import jobs directly from DBX job files
    • Upload reference data
    • Upload stations database
  • Display styles convert observation points into polylines, inserts, etc
  • Survey Stations database
    • Network file and MDM options
    • User definable attributes
  • Polyline vertex Attributes
  • Load and graphically search survey stations
  • Part of core CAD license



Deswik.LHS screen right

  • Rules-based slot connectors
  • Deswik Sched dump sequencing
  • Deswik.IS style dependencies
  • Field parsing for schedule updates
  • Dynamic surfaces
  • Open Pit Metals improvements



  • Materials added as a concept to simplify production field handling
  • Simple resource path generation
  • Ability to store graphics
  • Automatic dependency rules
  • Mini-Leveler
    • Supports less advanced functions
    • Massive speed increase
  • Resource leveling speed improvements (2-5 times faster)
  • Database reporting
  • Activity Cycles for Short Term
  • Merging settings between projects


New tools


  • Deswik.UNO (Underground Optimization)
    • Decline optimization tool
    • Underground Level Development Network optimization tool
  • Deswik.Caving (Caving Simulation)
    • Integrated into scheduler
    • Supports SLC, Block and Panel Caving methods
  • Deswik.SOT2 (Schedule Optimization Tool 2)
    • Improved schedule control
    • More detailed operating cost calculation
    • Bar chart comparison of scenarios