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Deswik.Suite v4.0 Released

setembro 11, 2013

Deswik are pleased to announce the release of Deswik Suite v4.0.

V4.0 brings with it enhancements across the entire toolset and represents the largest release from Deswik to date.

Deswik.Scheduler has many improvements to resource leveling and report calculation speeds as well as more user control over the resource leveling logic. Improved reporting logic for uncovery and by group will dramatically improve the model build process.

Deswik.Blender has had numerous updates to the underlying model in improve results.

Deswik.CAD has had over 40 new functions added, including:

  • underground reconciliation
  • block model manipulation tools
  • better support for non-orthogonalstratigraphic geological models
  • the ability to run a Lerchs-Grossman optimization as part of the margin rank
  • numerous graphics and speed improvements
  • lots of new formulae for attribute manipulation
  • road design
  • improved solids modeling with annealing
  • fast generation of solids from a point cloud
  • many pit design improvements

Deswik.LHS has new controls added for fine tuning the destinations as well as improvements in memory usage.

Deswik.Player has been released, which is a free software for viewing Deswik data and animations. This is a free download from the Training and Support > Downloads section of this website.

Deswik.UGDrill&Blast has had a complete user interface overhaul based on customer feedback. Many new features have been added to improve usability and practicality.

With 38 pages of release notes customers will have quite a bit to get their heads around with this release, but we think customers will be very pleased with the usability and functionality improvements with this significant Deswik release.