Aplicación de mapeo

Herramienta móvil de mapeo geológico

Características principales

Offline mapping
Take your 3D mine data offline and underground and record geological observations in 3D space. Once back in the office, the data can be integrated with other Deswik software, or exported to standard CAD formats.
Use your tablet to take photographs of faces and apply geological markup on top of the photography. Images can be scaled and rotated on screen so that they are placed in 3D space correctly.
Consistent style
Ensure that everyone is mapping with the same styles, using the same reference data and recording all of the required data for everything that is mapped. This is managed through a central mapping template ensuring all data using that template is captured consistently.
Fully configurable
Sites can configure their own mapping templates to reflect their own specific needs. The level of configuration is vast, from custom symbols, colours, sizes, names, through to what data should be collected for each feature.
Advanced workflows
The software uses some advanced workflows to reduce the effort required to position the mapping locations – for instance, it is very easy to position a face along a tunnel or set wall mapping locations with only a few taps of the screen. These workflows are well suited to setting up working locations in underground operations.
Fast digitizing controls
To save users time and to make drawing less difficult on a tablet, whilst underground, several tools have been incorporated to simplify drawing including: sketching with a stylus, creating geology polygons by filling in areas bounded by other features (such as faults/contacts), simple two-point polylines, automatic cropping of polygons against boundaries.
Measure first
The software allows users to enter some features by measurement first – for instance, when digiting a structural feature, it is possible to tap the screen at the insertion point then specify the azimuth, dip and dip direction numerically. The features are then drawn accordingly.

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