Early Adopter Phase


Operations Scheduling & Tracking

Enhanced operations planning through collaborative weekly & shift scheduling.

Early Adopter Phase

Deswik.OPS is currently in an Early Adopter phase and we are working on maturing this product with a few early adopter customers from around the globe. During this phase, we are working on readying the product for General Availability in mid-2019. If you would like a demo, please fill in the "Request a Demo" form on this page.

Key Features

Operations Planning
Quickly build detailed, activity-based weekly and shift plans directly from the short-term plan, and manage the integration between longer term schedules and the operations plan.
Schedule Integration
Direct integration with the short-term planners’ schedule lets you rapidly build your operations schedule. For example, you can import the first 1-3 weeks of the 12-week plan from Deswik.Sched or a third-party system.
Track and Monitor Activity Progress
Throughout a shift, capture real-time data regarding shift operations, and map all collected data to activities in the schedule. Automatically import production data for each activity from a third-party system, or manually enter it for equipment not managed by a Fleet Management System.
Team Collaboration
Deswik.OPS improves communication across shifts between all site personnel. Users can add structured comments about locations, activities, resources, or a shift, and add attachments to increase meaning.
Web-based system
Deswik.OPS is a highly configurable, web-based system. It provides a centralized interface enabling inputs from multiple departments (e.g. geotechnical, drill and blast). Third-party external systems can be configured to integrate with Deswik.OPS (e.g. asset and fleet management tools, corporate reporting solutions).

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