Operations Planning and Control

Collaborative short-term planning and shift execution tool for monitoring and managing compliance to plan

Key Features

Operations Planning
Quickly build detailed, activity-based weekly and shift plans directly from the short-term plan. Monitor equipment/location availability and utilization, and dynamically adjust the shift plan based on the impact of delays upon your schedule. Check the progress of the previous or current shift activities to allow for Short Interval Control (SIC) during a shift while monitoring any deviations from the longer term goals of the organization.
Track and Monitor Activity Progress
Throughout a shift, capture real-time data regarding shift operations, or enter it at shift completion. All collected production data is mapped to planned activities to display progress against the plan and allow reporting of planned vs actual.
Manage compliance to plan
As production data is directly matched against the planned activities, data analytics can reveal more meaningful insights. Analyze the repository of historic planning and production data to predict ways to improve your operations’ efficiency. Reconcile planning Baselines against production data to help manage the compliance to plan.
Schedule Integration
Direct integration with the short-term planners’ schedule lets you rapidly build your operations schedule. For example, you can import the first 1-3 weeks of the 12-week plan from Deswik.Sched or a third-party system.
Team Collaboration
Deswik.OPS improves communication across shifts between all site personnel. Users can add structured comments about locations, activities, resources, or a shift, and add attachments to increase meaning.
Web-based system
Highly configurable, web-based system. Centralized interface enables inputs from multiple departments such as, geotechnical, drill and blast. Third-party external systems can be configured to integrate with Deswik.OPS (for example, maintenance and production management tools, corporate reporting solutions).
Operator App
Tablet-based work management and Short Interval Control app. Allows operators to view tasks allocated direct from the shift schedule. Record task progress for work on and off equipment (not just primary fleet management). App supported on iOS and Android tablets. Download from the App Store or Google Play.

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