We fully support our customers because our industry deserves better

Deswik offers a range of support and training offerings to help you get the best experience from your Deswik software purchase. Deswik has support and training locations around the world. You can reach us via phone, email or the web.


To phone or email us, please contact a Support Center in your region:

Asia Pacific
P: 1300 653 032 or +61 7 3292 2708


North America
P: +1 800 977 9156

South America
P: Chile: +56 9 3376 4499
Peru: +51 973 596 864
Colombia: +57 310 6422477

P: +27 11 958 0170


Europe & CIS
P: +44 1494 216 321


P: +55 31 3024 2575

To log a ticket or download the latest patches or versions for our software, please visit the Deswik Client portal.
Remote Session

Deswik support personnel can use remote control tools to reduce the time to resolve your issues. If instructed by Deswik Support staff, please initiate a remote session by downloading and running this application. (Note administrator privileges on your computer are not required).

Free Downloads

Deswik.vCAD and Deswik.vSched are free, standalone applications that are intended to improve communication of mine plans and schedules to stakeholders who receive outputs from the Deswik Suite. Unrestricted by licensing, both Deswik.vCAD and Deswik.vSched can be installed on any of the latest Windows systems ensuring that every stakeholder in your mine planning process has access to the latest mine schedule.


Both Deswik.vSched and Deswik.vCAD cannot be used to evaluate the capabilities of the full Deswik.Suite.  Please contact if you wish to evaluate Deswik.Suite or any of its components.

Deswik.Suite Minimum and recommended specs

While there’s some basic underlying hardware requirements for Deswik.Suite to perform well, the hardware spec required for workstations / PCs / laptops can vary depending on your use case and data sizes.

Deswik offers a variety of different courses and delivery options to meet your company's learning requirements.