Open Pit Short-Term Scheduling

Open Pit Short-Term Scheduling

Short-range ore control modeling and design tool

Key Features

Quickly build detailed, activity-based weekly and shift plans and manage the integration between longer-term schedules
Interactive scheduling
Dynamically links Deswik Spatial to Deswik Planning; as the cut line is moved, the associated block is altered and interrogated against the block model. The embedded schedule is updated and automatically leveled, giving you immediate feedback on
the impact of the change.
Query ore control shape data to override resource model grades. Query drill & blast designs for updated physicals including automated calculation of drill and blast quantities. 2D and 3D attribute transfer direct to the schedule.
All data is contained within a single Deswik file, no need to export between the design and scheduling processes. Import, export, print, report data ready for upstream and downstream stakeholders, including drill and blast engineers and long-term planners. Integrates with Dig Optimizer in Deswik Spatial for grade control.

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