Ore Control

Create ore control block models and design blockouts with this simple, fast and powerful workflow.

Key Features

Repeatable workflow
Re-run preconfigured programs with a single click to integrate new data. The workflow can provide assurance that all necessary steps are carried out to generate a model in a prescribed way. Settings can be pre-set for a program ensuring block sizes, interpolation settings, domain names are consistent between ore control programs.
With a workflow driven approach, settings can be managed and reused, allowing block models and blockout designs to be created quicker than ever. With automated reports, automated legend creation, automated settings, automated block model file handling, automated display, results can be quickly realized.
Custom formulas and advanced scripting allow the modeling of block model parameters with ease. Build advanced formulas to calculate material types, NSR, equivalent metal or net acid producing potential for example. A powerful workflow allows all steps of the program to be executed in one click, allowing changes to be made in any part of the program and the models to be re-run quickly without having to manually run every step in the process.
Integration with Deswik Suite allows sites to manage all stages of an Ore Control program across multiple teams from blast planning, survey, geology to production. This integration can be leveraged to automatically update important reference data, such as blast masters without the need to manually track down files. Blockout solids and polygons can also be accessed by production teams in a reliable way, reducing requirements for validation or manual file manipulation.
Every program in Deswik.OreControl stores all the settings used to make a model. Attributes on the program, such as pit, bench and blast can be carried down to all of the artefacts for the program, such as the block model and blackouts. A program can be revisited easily by choosing it from a list, and all settings can be reviewed, and models regenerated at the click of a button. Program models can be merged into master block models, and tagged with various attributes that make it possible to track which cells were added and/or modified by which Ore Control program.
Informed decision-making
Make informed decisions about blockout design with instant reports and dynamic model interrogation to understand the impact of the models and designs. By automating reporting, geologists can focus on the results to deliver the best possible decisions.
From a choice of interpolators, various reports, support for multiple and different data sources, through to two different design tools for blockouts, Deswik.OreControl supports a multitude of options that can cater for most use cases.

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