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Dynamic block model interpolation in Deswik.CAD

June 10, 2015
by Wayne Romer

Dynamic block model Interpolation with Deswik.CAD is quick and easy.

Interpolation is used to fill a space with values from point data. In this video, we show you how to update a block model from blast hole data. Using the blast hole information gives us a more accurate block model which can then be used for grade control.

With Deswik.CAD, you can rapidly see the results of the interpolation by having the block model open on the screen. Interpolating into the block model updates it visually and immediately.



“Interpolate Inverse Power of Distance” in Deswik.CAD extends the “nearest neighbour” interpolation to include inverse power of distance. The command can be found in Tools | Geological Models | Datamine | Commands v5.1.