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2023 | Year in Review

2023 was an action-packed year for Deswik with Polymathian Industrial Mathematics joining the team, and the acquisition of MCB Brazil by Sandvik to allow Deswik to gain full control over its Brazilian operations. We continued with our global tour of user events, hosting conferences in Banff (Canada) and Perth (Australia), while also releasing three rebranded solutions (APEX, Spatial and Planning Solutions) to provide even more capabilities in mine planning to help our customers.

Software NewsJanuary 2, 2024

Giving back to the next generation of mining engineers

Deswik’s former Head of Partnerships and CQUniversity alumnus, Patrick Doig, presented a series of guest lectures to CQUniversity Engineering students and delivered a masterclass on Deswik’s Enviro tools to upskill future mining engineers with the skills to succeed in the industry.

BlogSeptember 19, 2023

Deswik.OPS drives development productivity gains by providing real-time conformance to plan tracking

Agnico Eagle, in partnership with Deswik, has achieved significant increases in their development productivity using Deswik.OPS for operational scheduling and tracking at their Laronde Zone (LZ5) mine in Canada.

BlogAugust 14, 2023

Getting the most out of Deswik’s Support services

Mark Vanderbeek, Deswik’s Global Support Manager, discusses the ways that Deswik Support can assist our customers and how to get in touch for quick assistance.

BlogMay 9, 2023by Mark Vanderbeek

Sandvik acquires MCB Brazil, Deswik’s reseller partner in Brazil

Sandvik acquires MCB, strengthening Deswik’s leading position in Latin American market.

MediaApril 4, 2023

Deswik welcomes Polymathian Industrial Mathematics following Sandvik acquisition

Polymathian joins Deswik following Sandvik’s previously announced acquisition to create a unique digital portfolio centered on digitalizing our customers’ processes.

MediaFebruary 2, 2023

2022 | Year in Review

2022 saw our completed acquisition by Sandvik and the announcement to acquire Polymathian Industrial Mathematics to deliver end-to-end optimization solutions to our mutual customers. In addition to expanding and enhancing our existing software portfolio, 2022 also marked our return to hosting user events, with conferences held in Europe and Australia.

Software NewsJanuary 17, 2023

Polymathian joins Deswik

Polymathian has signed an agreement to be acquired by Sandvik and will join Deswik to form part of Sandvik’s Mining and Rock Solutions Business Unit. The joining of Deswik and Polymathian brings together two highly complementary businesses focused on the digitalization and automation of the mining industry.

MediaNovember 14, 2022

Understanding risk and variability in your schedule

Traditional scheduling methods identify a single deterministic result, and while it is a best guess, it can be invariably wrong. Watch Todd Vallance and Patrick Doig’s presentation on Stochastic Scheduling from the 2022 Deswik Australia User Conference which can help users understand how achievable their production schedule is, what the critical path is, and how the plan can be better managed.

Software NewsNovember 29, 2022

Deswik expands local presence to India

Deswik will continue to support India in its drive for efficient and sustainable mining operations with a local presence in Gurugram, Haryana.

MediaOctober 28, 2022

A new approach to pit optimization

The question of, ‘What is the ultimate pit limit?’ is one mine planners often ask themselves to ensure a successful project. This article looks at the current methods to solving the pit optimization problem and discusses Direct Block Scheduling as a newer approach that could be the industry’s next step change.

MediaJune 14, 2022by Catherine Mortimer, Matthew McHale

Maximizing underground project value with the application of Pseudoflow in Deswik’s mine scheduling solution

In underground projects with complex operations and mining activities, a traditional Cut-off-Grade can be difficult to determine. Using Pseudoflow in Deswik.Sched, an algorithm similar to the Lerchs-Grossmann model used in Open Pit optimization, ORELOGY helped an active mine with their economic analysis and scheduling phases of an underground plan to maximize project value.

MediaApril 28, 2022

Sandvik completes acquisition of Deswik

Sandvik has completed the previously announced acquisition of the Australian-based Deswik. As the leading and fastest growing major provider of mine planning software, Deswik will be part of a newly formed division Digital Mining Technologies within business area Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions.

MediaApril 4, 2022

Deswik delivers an integrated survey solution that enables seamless data flow

Deswik has partnered with international leading hardware provider RIEGL to deliver a holistic solution for mine surveyors.

MediaMarch 7, 2022

2021 | A Year in Review

In 2021, we continued to develop and extend Deswik.Suite, all the while providing exceptional customer service, support and training. With the addition of Deswik.Apps, and our new series of technical sessions called, ‘Sips & Tips’, 2021 was yet another successful year for our global teams. Discover our infographic!

Software NewsFebruary 18, 2022

Sandvik acquires Deswik and launches new Digital Mining Technologies Division

We are thrilled to announce that Deswik has signed an agreement to be acquired by Sandvik, the high-tech and global engineering group headquartered in Sweden.

MediaDecember 3, 2021

Deswik acquires mining mobile apps

The reach of Deswik’s strategic mine planning and design solutions is set to extend deep underground with the acquisition of a suite of apps that will enable operators to access critical, task specific data on a tablet or mobile device while offline, working in underground operations.

MediaNovember 30, 2021

Deswik.OPS providing operations efficiency through collaborative operational scheduling and tracking

Many mines today are struggling with complex processes to align long-term schedule objectives with medium-term and operational schedules. Agnico Eagle in partnership with Deswik have been implementing an approach to solve these problems at their Kittila mine in Finland.

MediaSeptember 28, 2021

Rapidly create final pit designs with Deswik.SPD

With Deswik.SPD, users can now quickly generate multiple pit designs for any number of optimization runs, compare results and select go-forward cases. Final pit designs which took days to create manually can now be created in minutes, enabling planners to spend less time doing repetitive design tasks and more time analyzing results and evaluating options.

BlogMarch 23, 2021by Jayne Kato

2020 | A Year in Review

In 2020, we focused on providing excellent customer service, support and training, whilst continuing to develop the Deswik Suite and improve the usability of our software. Check out our infographics!

Software NewsFebruary 12, 2021

Deswik teams up with RGS to deliver one-stop-shop environmental services to the mining sector

Deswik has entered a partnership with Australian environmental consultancy RGS Environmental that will allow both companies to deliver comprehensive life of mine planning solutions to their clients.

MediaFebruary 5, 2021

Deswik.MDM providing technical data management efficiency

Deswik.MDM has been in use at the OZ Minerals Prominent Hill site since March 2019, providing critical data management, transparency, and governance for the large volumes of technical data required to keep Prominent Hill operational and productive.

MediaDecember 11, 2020

International collaboration results in new technology for strategic mine design and planning – Deswik.GO

Deswik has partnered with Alicanto Labs, associated with Universidad Adolfo Ibañez (UAI) in Chile, to release Deswik.GO, a comprehensive strategic design and scheduling tool for open-pit mines. Deswik.GO allows strategic mine planners to rapidly optimize the mine shape, phases and sequence for both greenfield sites and existing operations.

MediaOctober 14, 2020

Deswik Mine Closure Risk Ratio

The Mine Closure Risk Ratio is proposed as a simple method of measuring Life of Mine risks related to mine closure. This paper looks at the Mine Closure Risk Ratio as a decision support metric used to integrate mine production and closure considerations when evaluating all business plan scenarios.

BlogSeptember 22, 2020by Neil Tyson

Semi-automate layout creation and design using Deswik’s Auto Designer

Deswik’s Auto Designer is one of the most powerful tools in Deswik.CAD, automating repetitive tasks using a simple rules-based approach to allow users to construct rule sets representing design criteria or steps required. This tool has now been extended to support a range of use cases for both underground and surface operations.

BlogAugust 24, 2020by Jayne Kato

Improving Deswik.CAD and Deswik.Sched Startup Speeds

Tips for improving Deswik.CAD and Deswik.Sched startup speeds when working over a VPN or slow connection.

BlogJuly 2, 2020by Matt Chilcott & Mikeal Hooley

Deswik launches Drillhole Optimizer, a module to automate infill drillhole planning and maximize returns on your drilling budget

A new module in the Deswik.GeoTools suite that allows geologists to apply an automated, optimized process to planning their infill drilling programs, for both Open Pit and Underground operations. By quickly running multiple scenarios, geologists have more time to analyze the outputs and select the highest value drilling plan.

MediaJune 30, 2020

Deswik.SO major release features AMS SSO version 4

2020.2 Deswik.SO has been updated to support AMS Stope Shape Optimizer version 4. This latest release from AMS features improvements to the SSO algorithm and several major new features and enhancements.

BlogJune 11, 2020by Jayne Kato

An integrated and scheduling-driven approach to Short Interval Control in mining

With the increasing amount of operational execution data being generated by mining operations, Deswik has been exploring how to truly integrate operational plan execution with upstream mine planning processes. This paper discusses the people, process, and technology considerations for SIC in mining, and provides a review of several SIC concepts applied in the industry today.

BlogJune 3, 2020by Shaun MacRae

Next generation technology delivers efficient, sustainable mine planning and enables technical workforces to operate remotely from site

Deswik.MDM makes it possible for technical services professionals to collaborate efficiently and effectively with off-site colleagues whilst maintaining data and approvals integrity.

MediaMay 29, 2020

Deswik’s Road Audit tool increasing efficiency in open cut mine operations

Conducting road audits is usually a manual and time-consuming process. By using the Deswik Road Audit tool, sites can complete the road audit process much faster, allowing operations to get quicker feedback and free up personnel to complete value-add tasks.

BlogMay 27, 2020by Patrick Doig

Advanced End of Month Reporting

As mining operations seek greater conformance to plan and margins become increasingly tight, end of month (EOM) reporting needs to keep pace with these increasing requirements. This paper provides the mining industry an option for greater analysis of EOM data whilst decreasing the time consuming workload on survey departments.

BlogApril 29, 2020by Stephen Rowles

How Deswik’s online consultancy services can help maximize ROI on mine planning technology during the COVID-19 crisis

Deswik has identified communications and software tools that allow consultants to recreate the interactive, collaborative feel of a face-to-face session, and lines of communication are tested in advance, to ensure sessions run smoothly on the day.

MediaApril 7, 2020

Best practices for underground short-term scheduling

Short-term scheduling of an underground mine is a fast-paced, repetitive process. This paper provides some recommendations on best practices to streamline and automate this process.

BlogMarch 25, 2020by Scott O'Connor

2019 | A year in review

In 2019, we continued our focus on providing an integrated platform that supports mine design and planning across all planning horizons and the mining value chain. Check out our infographic!

Software NewsFebruary 10, 2020

Face it, you need mapped data to validate your geological models!

Why Leapfrog and Deswik.Mapping are a winning combination for resource geology teams: an underground mapping to implicit modeling workflow.

BlogJanuary 28, 2020by Nick Anderson

6 simple hacks for surveying and general CAD work – Part 2

As a number of survey departments make the transition to Deswik, we are seeing an increased interest in the open pit survey tools that Deswik has to offer. This blog post shows some open pit-based workflows that survey departments may have to perform.

BlogJanuary 20, 2020by Stephen Rowles

Making geological mapping part of the bigger planning picture: Use of Deswik’s GeoTools Mapping app at Vale’s Ontario mines

The Deswik.Mapping app has been in use at Vale’s Ontario sites since March 2019. With their technical staff now working from one consistent platform, the use of the app has introduced consistency and rigour to their geological mapping processes.

MediaDecember 3, 2019

Deswik launches its GeoTools suite, a new set of tools for operational geology

A new set of tools for geological mapping and sampling, Deswik.GeoTools integrates seamlessly with the Deswik Suite and is designed to improve efficiency by eliminating the double handling of data.

MediaNovember 25, 2019

Deswik continues its overseas expansion drive with Brazilian acquisition

Deswik has stepped up its overseas expansion push by taking a minority stake in its longstanding Brazilian reseller partner MCB Services and Minerals.

MediaSeptember 2, 2019

Let’s work together: why data interoperability initiatives are good news for mining companies

The Group’s Open Mining Format (OMF) interoperability project is developing an open 3D data exchange format to enable complex files to be shared seamlessly between third party mining solutions, and encouraging vendors to adopt them.

BlogJuly 22, 2019by Jayne Kato

Say no to buffer tasks

This article looks at the applicability of introducing buffer tasks to a schedule, in order to apply the Theory of Constraints and suggest alternates. Find out why the recommended approach is to analyze mining “stocks” and ensure that the correct mining rate is being applied, rather than introducing buffer tasks.

BlogJune 13, 2019by Julian Poniewierski

A year in review

We continue to work hard to provide an integrated platform that supports mine design and planning across all planning horizons and the mining value chain. We’ve put together a series of videos to showcase our key highlights from the past twelve months. Check them out!

Software NewsJune 13, 2019

Generate quality survey solids from high-resolution scan data in less time

Designed to handle large amounts of scanned survey point data and automate the process of creating valid solids from it, Deswik.AdvSurvey is built to meet the changing scope of survey in mining.

Software NewsMay 9, 2019

6 simple hacks for surveying and general CAD work

Deswik.CAD users have some powerful in-built survey functionality at their fingertips. Here is a short compilation of some useful tips for making the most out of Deswik.CAD for surveying purposes and some standard CAD tips for all users.

BlogMay 9, 2019by Stephen Rowles

Integrating infrastructure and production schedules

This paper provides recommendations for optimizing critical path by managing shared locations and materials in underground construction projects.

BlogApril 18, 2019by Neil Tyson

2018 by the numbers

In 2018, we continued to extend our software’s capability and focus on usability to make our users’ lives easier. We remain dedicated to our user community with increased support, free online training and new user events to be launched globally.

Software NewsJanuary 29, 2019

Block model knowledge for mining engineers

This paper has been written to introduce new mining engineers to mineral resource block models: their structure, the brands they may come across, the types they may come across, and issues that they will need to understand to avoid mistakes in their use.

BlogJanuary 18, 2019by Julian Poniewierski

School of Mine partnership inspires educators and students alike

For the past five years, Lewis Meyer has taught Deswik software at the Camborne School of Mines at the University of Exeter. As Senior Lecturer in Mining Engineering, 257 students have graduated from Lewis’s Deswik course which consistently receives rave reviews from students.

MediaOctober 17, 2018

Mining for closure

This article, recently published in Global Mining Review, describes the modeling techniques tried and tested at an Australian mine. The mine needed a solution to produce a 3D visual landform which, while reducing costs, could also achieve desired rehabilitation objectives.

MediaOctober 5, 2018by Ian Neilsen

Deswik blends haulage with optimization and material movement

The latest upgrade of Deswik is set to change how engineers plan their mine while considering haulage constraints and landform development.

Software NewsOctober 2, 2018

Deswik Copperbelt Conference 2018

We are pleased to invite our customers and partners from throughout Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo to see first-hand the value Deswik’s applications offer the Copperbelt region.

EventsOctober 1, 2018

Triangle Slope Markers

Triangle Slope Markers provide a simple, graphical tool to quickly demonstrate the behavior of surfaces and solids based on the user requirements.

BlogAugust 22, 2018by Stephen Rowles

Latest integration improves accuracy and productivity in underground drill & blast mining

We’re pleased to welcome drill and blast technology manufacturer Minnovare as an integration partner, as part of our commitment to providing a flexible and integrated mine planning platform.

Software NewsAugust 1, 2018

Best practice for processing UAV data in Deswik

With the prevalence of UAVs within the mining industry, operations now have at their disposal unprecedented amounts of data to use. Turning this data into usable and valuable information is the key to providing value.

BlogJuly 12, 2018by Stephen Rowles

Deswik User Conference 2018: Technology change experts head speaker lineup

Two experts on technology and change management will be heading the lineup for the Deswik User Conference 2018.

EventsJuly 9, 2018

Deswik proud partners of Life-of-Mine conference

The upcoming Life-of-Mine Conference has proven to be the perfect partnership for Deswik, who are proud to be a gold sponsor of the event being held in Brisbane on July 25 to 27.

EventsJune 29, 2018

Don’t forget the water! A common error in truck schedule modelling

This article looks at the impact of scheduling site trucks filled with dry tonnes from the block model rather than wet tonnes required by the trucking simulation.

BlogMay 8, 2018by Julian Poniewierski

Truck Schedule Modelling: Centre-Line vs. Truck Path

Is the industry standard practice of modelling trucking using the ramp centre-line, versus using the actual truck path an issue or not?

BlogApril 9, 2018by Julian Poniewierski

Guidelines and considerations for open pit designers

This article has been written specifically for those who are new to pit design and may need some advice on how to undertake a pit design.

BlogMarch 26, 2018by Julian Poniewierski

Celebrating 10 years of mining innovation

It can be tough being a newcomer in an established industry but, after ten years in business, we have proved our staying power.

MediaMarch 19, 2018

Picture the future of mining

Deswik continues to bridge the gap between geology and mine planning. A new collaboration with Imago will extend the capability of Deswik’s operational geology platform.

Software NewsMarch 14, 2018

2017 by the numbers

In 2017, we continued to work hard to improve and expand our support services for our users around the world. We’ve introduced many new tools and enhancements…

Software NewsFebruary 13, 2018

Short-range ore control modeling & design tool

Earlier this year, we released our short-range ore control modeling & design tool, Deswik.OPSTS to allow open pit mine planners to quickly produce short-term production plans from a single pit shell solid.

BlogDecember 13, 2017by Wayne Romer

New survey features in Deswik.CAD 2017.1 & 2017.2

In 2017 there have been over 50 enhancements added to the roadmap and at present over 60% of them have been added into the CAD platform.

BlogDecember 13, 2017by Stephen Rowles

Investing in future tech entrepreneurs

Deswik is pleased to support the RCL Accelerator program which provides funding, mentoring and support to start-ups in Brisbane, Australia.

MediaNovember 29, 2017

Practical tools for integrated planning

Integrating landform engineering and closure cost calculations into your tactical mine planning delivers a more complete, overall view of the value of a project.

BlogNovember 21, 2017by Neil Tyson & Ian Neilsen

Introducing .DUF (Deswik Unified File) format

The Deswik Unifed File format (.DUF) is a new file format for faster loading and saving of CAD files. The bigger the file, the bigger the performance improvement

BlogNovember 13, 2017by Wesley Beere

Blend 2: multi-period destinations decisions

Maximize the value of your operation by optimizing the decision of where to send mined material across multiple periods.

BlogNovember 13, 2017by Mario Silva

Chilean recognition for innovative optimization

Our joint work with University Adolfo Ibáñez in Chile was recently recognized through the awarding of the Chilean National Prize of Technologic Transfer.

MediaOctober 30, 2017

New underground haulage solution

A technology preview of Deswik.LHS Underground is now available. Create your underground haulage network from your 3D mine model, and directly integrated with your schedule.

BlogOctober 16, 2017by Wayne Romer

Joint mapping automation

Originally published in the Tenth International Mining Geology Conference 2017 Proceedings, this paper reviews automated joint mapping techniques using the concentric shells algorithm.

Software NewsSeptember 25, 2017

Supporting Women in STEM

Deswik is pleased to take part in the Austmine Women in STEM: METS Career Pathway Program, aiming to support and promote women in STEM while improving gender diversity in the METS sector.

MediaSeptember 1, 2017

Deswik at the AIMS conference, 13th – 16th September

Deswik will be at the Australian Institute of Mine Surveyors conference next month to showcase Deswik.CAD’s survey capability and upcoming enhancements.

EventsAugust 25, 2017

Deswik Suite 2017.1

Deswik is pleased to announce the release of Deswik.Suite 2017.1, a major release featuring 254 enhancements and two new modules.

Software NewsMay 22, 2017


What are the plotting elements and how do they fit together? In this two-part video series, we take you through an overview of our key plotting functions with tips on how to best set them up to minimize data replication.

BlogApril 23, 2017

Deswik Users Conference – Europe

9th – 11th May 2017. We invite our users and partners to join us in Skellefteå, Sweden for an informative two-day event on the latest industry trends and Deswik software advances.

EventsApril 10, 2017

Pseudoflow explained

Everything you wanted to know about Pseudoflow but were afraid to ask… A discussion of Deswik Pseudoflow pit optimization in comparison to Whittle LG pit optimization.

BlogOctober 1, 2020by Julian Poniewierski

2016 by the numbers

Our awesome software team continues to deliver powerful tools for our users. Here’s a snapshot of the enhancements for the year…

Software NewsJanuary 24, 2017

DESWIK to unveil new operations scheduling tool at MinExpo 2016

Deswik announces the launch of Deswik.OPS, their new operational shift planning and tracking tool, which is set to revolutionize the way mines manage their daily operations.

EventsSeptember 22, 2016

Use of Reconciliation tool for End-of-Month process

Nova Project have been using Deswik.CAD’s reconciliation tool for their End-of-Month process. This has resulted in a higher quality report for the contractor on site and significant time savings.

Software NewsSeptember 12, 2016

Deswik to showcase new mobile 3D scanning integration at ISM 2016

Deswik announces the inclusion of new mobile 3D scanning tools in its upcoming software release, version 2016.2.

EventsAugust 26, 2016

DESWIK co-founder national finalist in EY Entrepreneur Of The Year

We’re pleased to announce that Wayne Romer has been selected as a national finalist in the 2016 EY Entrepreneur of The Year awards.

MediaAugust 5, 2016

Running Deswik.Suite on VDI platforms

We often get asked about running Deswik.Suite on virtualized platforms (VDI). Whilst technically challenging, it is still possible to run it effectively on a VDI platform under very specific conditions.

BlogJune 7, 2016by Matt Chilcott

Deswik.Suite 2016.1 – Staff picks

Three months on since the release of Deswik.Suite 2016.1, we continue to explore some of the 2016.1 enhancements, with a selection of our team’s favorite new tools.

BlogJuly 6, 2016

The fall and rise of draglines

In a compelling article recently published in World Coal, Neil Tyson details ways to improve dragline engineering and in turn improve planning cycle time and mitigate complex risks.

MediaMay 18, 2016

Deswik to showcase new caving tool at MassMin 2016

Deswik will officially launch and showcase its new caving tool to the underground mining industry at MassMin 2016

EventsMay 5, 2016

Resource leveling algorithms: a comparison

Deswik.Sched has come a long way from version 1.2 where resource leveling could only be done on task priorities. There’s now three major leveling algorithms which support a myriad of features.

BlogApril 22, 2016by Chris Hudson

Deswik.Suite 2016.1

Deswik is pleased to announce the release of Deswik.Suite 2016.1, a major release featuring 141 enhancements and two exciting new products.

Software NewsMarch 30, 2016

Deswik.CAD – Survey functionality

Deswik.CAD now features in-built survey functions, commonly used by underground surveyors internationally.

Software NewsMarch 30, 2016

New in 2016.1: Graphics in the scheduler

Graphics are now supported in the scheduler. The task graphics can be saved in the scheduler file and Deswik.Sched can be used stand-alone with animations.

BlogMarch 30, 2016

Deswik Seminar at Mining World Russia

In conjunction with MiningWorld Russia 2016, Deswik will run a half-day seminar on “Solutions for effective mine planning“ on 27th April.

EventsMarch 29, 2016

2015 by the numbers

2015 has been another busy year for our software team. We take a look back at our major achievements:

Software NewsFebruary 29, 2016

Case study: Dawson Mine

With Deswik’s assistance, Anglo American’s Dawson mine managed to achieve significant haulage and engineering productivity improvements, directly reducing their cost per tonne of coal.

Software NewsDecember 14, 2015

Deswik.CAD integrates with Ventsim

In Deswik.Suite 2016.1, users will be able to export a network of tunnels directly from Deswik.CAD to a native Ventsim file.

Software NewsDecember 14, 2015

Coming soon in Deswik.Suite 2016.1

Plenty of new tools and features to look forward to in 2016 with the next release of Deswik.Suite. Find out more…

Software NewsDecember 14, 2015

Deswik.Suite Portable (Application Virtualisation)

This article outlines outlines our application virtualisation solution for rapid deployment of Deswik.Suite updates

BlogNovember 18, 2015by Matt Chilcott

Exposibram (14th – 17th Sept) & Perumin (21st – 25th Sept)

Things have been busy for Deswik South America since the opening of our Santiago office (Chile). This month we continue to spread the word at key mining events in the region.

EventsSeptember 7, 2015

Deswik Software Suite v5.1 – New Features

Version 5.1 of the Deswik Suite is now available, featuring over 200 enhancements. Highlights for this release include…

Software NewsSeptember 1, 2015

Process maps in Deswik.CAD

Process maps have become a very important part of Deswik’s implementation strategy. They provide an easy, non-scripted solution to building streamlining repetitive tasks.

BlogSeptember 1, 2015by Wayne Romer

Deswik.Suite’s software release cycle – explained

This article explains the development methodology and release process for Deswik.Suite – and in particular why we release new versions and patches so frequently.

BlogAugust 31, 2015by Matt Chilcott

A holistic approach to mine planning

Minimizing risk of acid mine drainage: discover the techniques for integration of production and destination scheduling for planning engineered waste rock dumps and tailings management.

Software NewsAugust 26, 2015

Deswik software recognised for product innovation and excellence

Deswik has been announced as an ABA100 Winner for Product Innovation and Product Excellence in the Australian Business Awards 2015.

MediaAugust 14, 2015

Deswik launch new software tool for dragline and dozer design

Deswik launches Deswik.DD, a sectional design & analysis tool for design, optimisation and communication for dragline or dozer push operations.

Software NewsAugust 10, 2015

Deswik expands into civil tunnelling market

We are pleased to announce our expansion into the civil tunnelling market with our new strategic partner Skarpa Pty Ltd.

MediaJuly 29, 2015

Creating a pit design

In this short video, Deswik Technical Director Wayne Romer shows you how to create and adjust your pit design using expansion layers, bench ramps and switchbacks.

BlogJune 10, 2015by Wayne Romer

Dynamic block model interpolation in Deswik.CAD

Dynamic block model Interpolation with Deswik.CAD is quick and easy. In this video, we show you how to update a block model from blast hole data.

BlogJune 10, 2015by Wayne Romer

Scheduling improvements

The Scheduling Team continually works to improve the speed and performance of resource leveling. This quarter, we take a retrospective look at one of our clients’ schedule since it first arrived at Deswik in March 2012.

BlogJune 10, 2015by Steve Lever

Bridging the gap between geology and mine planning

DESWIK announces a technology partnership with ARANZ Geo Limited, developers of Leapfrog 3D geological modeling software.

Software NewsMay 4, 2015

Deswik at Exponor 2015

Deswik Chile will once again have a booth in the Austrade pavilion at EXPONOR in Antofagasta between the 11th and 15th May 2015.

EventsMarch 24, 2015

Advanced Deswik.Sched training now available

The much anticipated Advanced Deswik.Sched module has also been published and has received positive feedback from numerous recipients.

Software NewsMarch 24, 2015

Pivot Table Reporting

Deswik.Suite V5.0 contains some exciting new pivot table reporting functionality (found using the Deswik.LHS Reporting command, and called Pivot Table).

BlogMarch 24, 2015

Value Impacts of Truck Limited Haulage

A study has been completed producing a mining schedule in conjunction with a dumping schedule and haulage analysis.

Software NewsMarch 11, 2015

Deswik Software Suite v5.0 – New features

Version 5.0 of the Deswik software suite is now available, featuring some exciting new functions and improvements.

Software NewsFebruary 11, 2015

2014 by the numbers

Our software team has been busy this year continuously delivering improved solutions.

Software NewsDecember 12, 2014

Deswik at the 2015 SME Annual Conference

Deswik will be participating in the 2015 SME Annual Conference and Expo in Denver, Colorado from 15th to 18th of February 2015.

EventsDecember 10, 2014

Save The UQEM: Enhancing Our Industry Safety Culture

The UQEM plays an irreplaceable role in the Australian mining industry by bridging the gap between theory and practice at UQ. It is currently under review for closure.

MediaDecember 10, 2014

Life’s too short to VDCL

We use this feature quite a bit here at Deswik. It still surprises me how many people don’t know about the DCF file format. VDCL is the original Deswik.CAD file format.

Software NewsDecember 3, 2014by Wayne Romer

Impacts of IPCC on Pit Shell Optimization

This case study outlines the process followed in the Deswik Software Suite to compare trucked material movements and an alternative strategy of semi-mobile in-pit crushing and conveying.

Software NewsDecember 11, 2014

Deswik gains international attention

Deswik was awarded the Dermot McManus Award for Leadership and Innovation at the Premier of Queensland’s Export Awards on Thursday 16th October.

MediaOctober 30, 2014

Deswik Goes Back to University

Deswik are pleased to announce the provision of Deswik Software for use by Mining Engineering students at UQ.

MediaFebruary 22, 2013

Deswik and RWE form Continuous Mass Mining Partnership

Deswik partners with RWE to launch the first generation of mine planning tools for CMM applications.

MediaOctober 3, 2013

Deswik.Suite v4.0 Released

V4.0 brings enhancements across the entire toolset and represents the largest release from Deswik to date.

Software NewsSeptember 11, 2013

Net Present Value Optimization at Vale

SOT+ case study kicks off at Vale – advancing mine plan optimization.

MediaSeptember 11, 2013