Drillhole Optimizer

Automate the process of planning infill drillholes to maximize resource uplift and optimize drill budget spend.

Key Features

Automated design
Generate detailed designs optimized for a range of scenarios, based on varying drilling budgets, equipment and methods. Trial various scenarios in an efficient platform to evaluate the cost and classification uplift of manually planned programs.
Fully configurable
Use existing resource models, drilling and classification criteria to customize the optimization to your requirements and provide more accurate results. The optimization maximizes the total amount of metal in the model that can have its resource classification upgraded.
Integrated solution
An intuitive Deswik.CAD module with a robust and defensible design, that integrates seamlessly with other Deswik tools. Visualize the optimization results from your model with interactive tabular and graphical reports in Deswik.CAD that can be exported to Microsoft Excel for wider sharing.
Informed decision making
Determine the optimum infill drilling plan for a deposit, producing a result that provides the largest uplift in value for an orebody model. Make informed budgetary and tactical plans from the optimized results generated.
Automatically create a schedule from an optimized set of infill drilling, adding a time dimension to the drill design. Model drilling rates, resources and dependencies to create a practical drill program.

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