Dig Optimizer

Included in Deswik's Spatial solution

Design optimum dig lines for open pit grade control using a powerful CAD engine.

Key Features

Automated, transparent and repeatable process
Deswik.DO removes the manual and subjective grade control processes employed by the majority of open pit operations, and replaces them with an automated, transparent, and repeatable process.
Quickly understand the impact of mining direction on recovered material.
The end result is a set of dig block polygons which maximize value and minimize losses from a blast.
Use the polygons produced as a ‘check’ or as a guide for the person responsible for short-term grade control. Polygons produced are directly fed into a dispatch system, or marked up in the field.
As with the majority of Deswik products, Deswik.DO is integrated into the planning and scheduling processes. The tool can also be applied in the short, medium, and long-term planning horizons.
With just a few clicks, Deswik.DO produces results. It is also possible to rapidly assess changes in minimum mining width, mining direction, and other variables.

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