Landform Engineering

Included in Deswik's Spatial solution

Model your final landform reshape requirements using a powerful CAD engine.

Key Features

Reshape Landform
Rapidly assess the reshape requirements and the associated material movement costs for final post-mining landforms. Scenario analysis can be used to determine an optimized result, achieving maximum value for a project. It can be applied in the short-term on as-dumped surfaces or integrated into mid-long term planning to budget for rehabilitation/closure costing on projected landform surfaces.
Dozer Push Modeling
Allocate the material to move between the cut and fill blocks (generated by the Reshape Landform tool) to dozer or other equipment while minimizing the total push distance of the dozer material. This tool generates attributed polyline vectors between cut and fill blocks, that can then be used as the basis for dozer push costing calculations.
Dump Surface Creation
Take a final landform surface and automatically generate a planned dump surface, using inputs of bench batters and heights, for operational execution. The Dozer Push Modeling can also be run over the cut and fill solids generated, using this process to work out reshape costs.
Scenario Analysis
The Scenarios manager allows high-level scenarios to be run in a short period to enable real-time, high-level decision making. Use scenarios to quickly replicate Deswik.Enviro commands with minor variations to test sensitivity to input settings, balance sub-areas within a larger site, and reduce processing time.
Advanced Workflows
The software uses some advanced workflows to reduce the effort required to set up the inputs for the reshape tool and run the dozer push modeling over the resultant cut and fill solids. Use Process Maps to enable consistency, ease of training, and integrated costing to inform decision making.
Closure Costing Modeling
The results generated from the landform engineering reshape and dozer push modeling tools can be used to build a site closure costing model. Used with Deswik.LHS and Deswik.Sched, an integrated closure plan can be scheduled and animated for both reporting to regulators and stakeholder engagement.

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