Strategic Pit Design

Transform optimized pit shells into final pit designs

Key Features

Time saving
Save time and create designs in just minutes, allowing you to quickly evaluate more options.
Create and run multiple scenarios to explore the impacts of various rules and constraints including ramp start locations, berm, face and batter rules, switchback elevations and exclusion zones.
Compare options
Visually compare designs and select go-forward cases based on ranking metrics such as percent of shell (deviation from optimized shell), ramp length or volume.
Flexible settings
Both automated and semi-automated modes are supported to allow manual adjustment and control.
Integrated systems
Integrated with Deswik’s manual pit design, reserving, scheduling and data management modules, allowing users to generate strategic and long-term designs and add a tactical level of detail in a single package.
Understand Options
Generate best/worse case NPV reports to compare phase designs based on value and create multiple designs which can be stored on separate layers for visual comparison and detailed analysis.

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