Water Catchment Analysis

Included in Deswik's Spatial solution

Identify potential sump locations using a water catchment analysis using a powerful CAD engine.

Key Features

Water catchment analysis
Rapid assessment water catchment analysis to understand where water is flowing/accumulating, and how the topography can be interactively altered to achieve the desired result through process maps. This process can highlight potential water management issues before they occur.
Water flow query
Identify the upstream sources and downstream flows from points and regions of interest or sensitivity in the catchment area. This tool can be used in conjunction with the Sediment Basin Sizing tool to model rain events.
Sediment basin sizing
Estimate of the volume of basins, dams, or ponds required for containment of runoff from extreme rainfall events and ongoing accumulation of mobilized sediment (erosion) as the landform evolves. Sediment basin volumes are modeled by summing the volume required to store runoff from an extreme rainfall event and the volume of sediment predicted over time by a landform evolution model (net of removal through desilting events).
Storage volume analysis
Automatically slice selected water storage solids vertically at specified increments, and then calculate the surface area, water volume, and cumulative volume at each elevation. Optionally export results to a spreadsheet and automatically graph the curves for analysis.

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