Delivering measurable value

Mine rehabilitation, water catchment analysis, and closure

As environmental expectations continue to become more stringent, understanding the options and risks for your mine have become critical. Previously, this type of design and analysis work was arduous, repetitive, and time-consuming. Deswik has a suite of tools and planning methods to provide an efficient and integrated approach to environmental planning – encompassing mining production, progressive and legacy rehabilitation (including water catchment), and mine closure.

We provide consulting services for:

  • Rapid reshaping of legacy waste dumps – including determining dozer push and trucking options
  • Incorporating management of disturbance and rehabilitation as part of the overall mine planning process and reporting
  • Identifying catchment polygons, drainage lines, and spill points
  • Calculating rehabilitation and closure cost, schedules, and financial assurance estimates
  • Communicating to all stakeholders using 3D animations, as well as geospatial, schedule, and cost reporting.
  • Training and setting up processes for your team to carry out the above work using Deswik.Enviro.