Delivering measurable value

Ongoing engineering and training support

As experienced mine planning engineers are in tight supply, it is crucial that mining engineers on-site can use the Deswik tools and processes confidently and efficiently. Whether it is about implementing Deswik software, onboarding new staff, or commencing a special project, Deswik consultants can help clients to better utilize the tools and deliver effective mine plans.

  • Learning new software tools and processes can be time-consuming for both the recruit and those teaching them. Deswik consultants can expedite this and at the same time share years of valuable operational and consulting experience. We do this through hands-on mentoring either on-site, or in our offices away from the day-to-day operational interruptions.
  • Deswik consultants can also provide model review and enhancement recommendations. By reviewing your processes and data, they can offer suggestions for improvement, or give you confidence that you are already going well. We recommend undertaking this exercise on an annual basis to ensure your team is familiar with new functionality and as a refresher for those who may not have been using the software regularly.
  • Our priority is knowledge transfer. We train your teams to become self-sufficient and productive.