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Deswik at the AIMS conference, 13th – 16th September

August 25, 2017

Deswik will be at the AIMS conference next month to showcase the latest enhancements to Deswik.CAD’s survey capability and its upcoming roadmap. It’s been a busy year with site implementations in Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland and further afield at sites in Ireland and Canada. Highlights of the existing functions include:

  • Integration with Leica
  • Drive as-built wizard for drive solid generation
  • Interactive plotting
  • Stope and development reconciliation tool for End-Of-Month
  • Several common surveying tools including a customizable laser offsets tool.

During the past nine months, as a result of Deswik hiring surveying consultants and site feedback, several new functions have now been added into the Deswik.CAD platform:

  • Trace Survey Stations – Graphically plot the path that a survey station has taken through the attribute Backsight Station. This shows all the backsights and foresights associated with the queried station.
  • Process Sets of Angles – Import each station observed in the job or calculate an average from the observations with the option to reject any prior to processing.
  • Bulk Exporter – Build a series of export options to a variety of file extensions and assign this to a process map or command.
  • Create Face Marker – Use distance measurements from known points, create face marker positions with date stamps and other customized attributes.

Come and see Deswik’s surveyors at the AIMS conference to get a demonstration and see how they can assist your operation.