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Deswik expands into civil tunnelling market

July 29, 2015

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We are pleased to announce our expansion into the civil tunnelling market with our new strategic partner Skarpa Pty Ltd. A collaboration agreement has recently been signed between Deswik and Skarpa under which all civil tunnelling works, both domestic and international, will be conducted.

Skarpa are a specialist consulting and engineering firm in the field of underground construction. They provide technology, project management, R&D and consulting services to the civil tunnelling industry across all stages of project development from concept development, tendering and construction to the commissioning phases.

Skarpa has worked closely with Deswik to build on the existing capability of the Deswik suite of underground mining software and produce standalone, fully integrated, tunnel specific tools.

The software provides outstanding 5D BIM (Building Information Modelling) capabilities to the civil industry previously not available in one package. The combined service will offer industry the ability to dynamically link tunnel designs with schedules, graphical animations and quantity reporting, offering clients a key point of difference in a highly competitive market.

In particular, the schedule-driven graphical animations provide instant feedback on planning changes, facilitating rapid options development and assessment enabling clients to spend more time analysing and planning scenarios rather than manipulating data. In the tunnelling industry, this is essential considering the tight timeframes imposed on major infrastructure projects.

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