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Deswik expands local presence to India

October 28, 2022

Mining technology leader Deswik continues to support India in its drive for more efficient and sustainable mining operations with a new presence in Gurugram, Haryana.

India’s economy has seen tremendous growth in the past decade, in no small part due to the mining industry’s contributions. With an ever-growing population, the results needed from the mining industry are only achievable through the adoption and use of industry-specific technology. Deswik’s presence in India will better enable Indian clients to improve efficiency as the country continues its evolution into a global leader.

Deswik personnel will be based in Gurugram, in the Northern state of Haryana, and this represents Deswik’s first entry in India. Gurugram is an ideal location to service the expansive Indian sub-continent. This will provide clients with access to timely support and give Deswik deeper insight into the evolving and unique challenges Indian mining companies face as they strive to deliver results in an increasingly complex operating environment.

Maxim Holcroft has been appointed Deswik’s Territory Manager for India and will oversee operations and growth in the region. An immediate priority will be hiring local experts, who will work in cooperation with Deswik’s global offices to provide ongoing support to an ever-growing Indian client base.

“The presence of a local team in India is a strong message that Deswik is committed to the long-term performance of the mining industry to meet the challenges posed by both production targets and sustainability objectives,” Holcroft said.

“The companies that shift from legacy methods to integrated and digitized workflows will set a clear distinction and new benchmark in the industry,” Holcroft said. “Deswik has a proven track record of delivering solutions that contribute significant value in all stages of a mine lifecycle, from development through to production and reclamation. This Indian presence is the next piece in a truly global Deswik support network that continues to deliver value to all stakeholders that rely on our technology to achieve real outcomes.”


Contact: Maxim Holcroft, Territory Manager – India

+91 73033 54918

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