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Deswik launches its GeoTools suite, a new set of tools for operational geology

November 25, 2019

This week we are showcasing our Deswik.GeoTools offering at the International Mining Geology Conference 2019 in Perth.

A new set of tools for geological mapping and sampling, Deswik.GeoTools integrates seamlessly with the Deswik Suite and is designed to improve efficiency by eliminating the double handling of data. Geologists can bring their designs, photography, and sample data into their 3D mine design environment. All the data is gathered and captured in the same format and teams are working from a consistent platform.

Taking geological mapping into the digital era

Deswik.Mapping is a Windows tablet application which digitizes the traditional, paper-based geological mine mapping process. It enables geologists to photograph the face, create 3D maps and log sample data in situ on a mobile device, while off-line and underground.

Deswik.Mapping incorporates a template which can be configured to ensure users follow a consistent mapping style and employ standardized nomenclature to record their observations. Custom symbols, colors, sizes and names can be used and parameters set to ensure all required data is recorded for every aspect of the section of an area being mapped.

Users can establish their location in 3D space, using survey markers and tunnel design, before they begin the mapping process. Photographic images can be overlaid with geological mapping to create a rich representation of the geology being mapped. When samples are taken, their locations and ID numbers can be logged immediately, again reducing double handling data entry and providing instant visual validation of the correct positioning in 3D space.

Geological maps created using Deswik.Mapping can be imported into Deswik.CAD, integrated with other Deswik modules or exported to standard CAD formats..

Face sampling in a 3D environment

For those wanting to manage their sampling activities directly within their existing 3D environment, we have developed the Deswik.Sampling tool. Geologists can create and visualize chip and channel sample locations directly in their 3D mine model, log geological attributes, and retrieve analysis data from external data sources.

“By bringing their assay results into the same 3D integrated environment as other geological and mining data, our users are in a position to make more informed decisions,” said Nick Anderson, Product Manager for Deswik.GeoTools.

If you would like to find out more about the Deswik.GeoTools modules, contact your nearest Deswik office.