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Deswik.OPS providing operations efficiency through collaborative operational scheduling and tracking

September 28, 2021

Agnico Eagle – Kittila Mine implements Deswik.OPS

Many mines today are struggling with complex processes to align long-term schedule objectives with medium-term and operational schedules. This can result in inaccurate schedules, manual and time-consuming scheduling, limited data integration across functions, a lack of decision support capability, and limited feedback on schedule performance.

Agnico Eagle in partnership with Deswik have been implementing an approach to solve these problems at their Kittila mine in Finland.

Kittila follows a schedule-driven operations approach where mine plans are updated yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily, and live within each operational shift, all using the Deswik suite of mine planning software.

On August 2017, the Deswik.OPS Implementation at Agnico Eagle Kittila went live, and production planners seeded the first Deswik.Sched import into Deswik.OPS for full multi-user, real-time scheduling and tracking from monthly and weekly tasks detailed down to shift and intra-shift specific work items.

“All work is collaboratively planned in Deswik.OPS at Kittila mine with full visibility on location, equipment and personnel interactions and activities”, explains Mining Engineer, Sofia Veki. The Short-Term Planner imports the initial months of the Deswik.Sched short-term schedule and proceeds to detail the monthly plans for stopes and development. The Production Planner then refines these as weekly plans that include diamond drilling, cable bolting, raiseboring, production drilling, backfill, infrastructure (ventilation and water), and maintenance. Then Control Room personnel and Shift Supervisors refine these weekly plans as shift plans for continuous, 12-24-hour live planning using Deswik.OPS.

To find out more, download the case study or contact your nearest Deswik office.