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Deswik teams up with RGS to deliver one-stop-shop environmental services to the mining sector

February 5, 2021

Deswik has entered a partnership with Australian environmental consultancy RGS Environmental that will allow both companies to deliver comprehensive life of mine planning solutions to their clients.

Founded in 2008, Deswik has expanded rapidly to become a leading developer of specialist solutions covering all aspects of mine planning, management and operation.

Founded in 2007 in Brisbane, Australia, RGS deliver geochemistry and hydrogeochemical water and waste management services to mining companies across Australia, South America, Africa and the Asia Pacific region.

Deswik Partner Manager Patrick Doig said the two companies had compatible culture and values and had worked together on environmental projects since 2016. These include a material assessment, soil cover monitoring and system scheduling project at the Mt Isa Mines Tailings Storage Facility (TSF), and an environmental assessment of the Waste Rock Dump (WRD) at the Ernest Henry copper mine.

The partnership enables Deswik clients to access a range of specialist services. They include:

  • Soil fertility, geochemical and geotechnical testing
  • Compilation of criteria for block models
  • Landform stability assessment and reporting
  • Cover design and modeling for WRDs and TSFs
  • Water balance and water quality modeling
  • Groundwater modeling
  • Final void and pit lake studies
  • Management of compliance notifications including Environmental Notices
  • Independent expert witness services in court and criminal prosecutions
  • Technically focused environmental management plans covering water, mine waste, AMD, rehabilitation and closure.

“Fostering relationships with best of breed partners like RGS enables us to expand our service offering and amplify the value we can deliver to clients,” Mr Doig said.

Deswik’s environmental management toolset, Deswik.Enviro, is used extensively by mining companies seeking to manage water catchments and forecast rehabilitation expenses.

Deswik Technical Product Manager, Enviro Tools, Ainsley Ferrier said the partnership would help Deswik optimize and enhance the module.

“Joining forces with RGS enhances our understanding of the complex geochemistry and hydrogeochemical water and waste water management issues faced by our clients,” Ms Ferrier said.

RGS Principal Geochemical Engineer Greg Maddocks said that ongoing annual mining risk assessment by Ernst and Young verifies that maintaining a ‘social licence to operate’ remains the number one risk for the mining industry,” and that having access to the combined expertise and services of Deswik and RGS would help mining companies meet their environmental, social and governance (ESG) obligations.“

“By integrating our service offerings – and our deep and disparate knowledge of the resources sector – RGS and Deswik can help clients reduce their liabilities and achieve better outcomes.”

Deswik managing director Matt Chilcott said the alliance with RGS affirmed Deswik’s commitment to helping mining companies maximise value at every stage of the mining process.

“Delivering solutions and services that enable our customers to operate productively and sustainably has always been our focus and we’re delighted to work with other specialist suppliers that share our passion,” Mr Chilcott said.

If you would like to find out more about how Deswik can help with life of mine planning, contact your nearest Deswik office.