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Next generation technology delivers efficient, sustainable mine planning and enables technical workforces to operate remotely from site

May 29, 2020

Combining Deswik’s next-generation data and workflow management platform, Deswik.MDM with an owner’s framework of best practise, is delivering an efficient, sustainable mine design and planning process for a number of global mining operations.

Efficient data sharing enables users to exchange spatial information and associated files swiftly and securely, irrespective of their location or the quality of their internet connection. This is a key enabler to the trend of dispersed workforces supporting mining operations. This has allowed miners to enable technical workforces and management to operate from site, head offices or working from home arrangements whilst retaining integrity of mine planning processes through flexible workflow and approvals control.

“BHP Olympic Dam mine site has been using Deswik.Suite and Deswik.MDM since early 2018 to improve their mine planning processes and collaborate efficiently with stakeholders from all departments,” a BHP Olympic Dam spokesperson said.

“During this time, the Deswik.MDM system has had a positive impact in allowing members of the mine planning and technical teams to work remotely and still play a major role with continuing business as usual. The use of the system, coupled with a supporting framework of owner’s guidelines, standards, procedures, and quick reference guides, is creating an efficient, sustainable mine design and planning process.”

Breaking the shackles

Historically, remote working has been a difficult proposition for technical services departments because mine planning and scheduling requires multiple individuals to have ongoing access to the large and complex data sets used to inform the modelling process. These data sets are usually updated continually, and the changes shared with all interested parties.

For remote users who do not have the benefit of a fast internet connection, data sharing can be a frustrating and time-consuming exercise, and there is a perpetual risk of team members inadvertently working with outdated data.

Having team members working offsite also creates a risk to process integrity, making it hard to get plans approved as remote users can’t do the traditional plan ‘walkaround’ for collaborative feedback and signoff.

Data management software that makes information sharing faster and remote working more efficient

Deswik.MDM addresses these issues by making it possible for technical services professionals to collaborate efficiently and effectively with off-site colleagues whilst maintaining data and approvals integrity.

Technical services data is continually consolidated within the solution to ensure all team members are accessing a data repository which represents a ‘single version of truth’.

Key features of Deswik.MDM include:

  • the facility to manage mining data using multiple data categories, attributes, and workflows
  • a consolidated interface which can be accessed using any web-capable device
  • customizable workflows which enable common processes to be expedited and communications streamlined
  • access and control settings which allow companies to maintain data integrity and a clear audit trail
  • the capacity for supervisors to allocate tasks and monitor progress.

A remote working solution that can be rolled out remotely

Deswik Technical Director Adam White said a straightforward installation of Deswik.MDM could be completed in as little as two weeks.

Deswik’s consulting team can implement the solution remotely and conduct online user training, using communication and software tools which recreate the interactive feel of a face-to-face session.

“Sites which have experienced software users and good IT infrastructure that can be accessed remotely can be up and running on Deswik.MDM very quickly,” Mr White said.

Creating better solutions to meet evolving workforce needs

Mr White said Deswik was committed to helping technical services teams maintain continuity of service irrespective of location.

“Recent events have demonstrated the importance of using tools and technologies which enable employees to work remotely without impinging on productivity,” he said.

“We’re seeing significant market interest in Deswik.MDM as a platform that can help make this possible.”

Want to learn more?

For further information or to request an end-to-end demonstration of Deswik.MDM, contact your nearest Deswik office.