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April 23, 2017

Deswik.CAD provides an integrated plotting platform for powerful reporting with:

  • Unlimited, independent viewports for each plot
  • Title block text with intelligent attributes including date and username
  • Spreadsheet-style table editing, with tables easily placed into 3D space or on plots.

The following videos take you through an overview of our key plotting functions with tips & tricks on how to best set them up to minimize data replication.


This video provides an overview of the various plotting elements and how they fit together. Learn how to create layouts, plane definitions and unfolded section views.

Topics covered:

  • [00:05] Definition of Layouts, viewports, plane definitions, layer presets
  • [01:02] Inserting a layout with various viewports
  • [01:53] Creating a plane definition
  • [03:16] Creating an unfolded section view
  • [04:46] Adding cross section blocks
  • [06:43] Explode blocks
  • [07:20] Update plane definition from viewport

Duration: 8:32 minutes


In this video, learn how to work smarter and minimize data replication with the use of title blocks, plane definition height and viewport boundaries.

Topics covered:

  • [00:05] Creating a tittle block template
  • [02:29] Using a title block template
  • [03:09] Inserting a viewport into a layout based on plane definition
  • [03:35] Using height in plane definition to set scale
  • [04:17] Using Viewport boundaries
  • [05:41] Plane definition synchronization
  • [06:50] Bulk change plane definition
  • [07:25] Resizing the plot
  • [08:17] Print multiple

Duration: 8:53 minutes