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An integrated and scheduling-driven approach to Short Interval Control in mining

3 июня, 2020
на Shaun MacRae

As an engineering services and technology provider, Deswik successfully implements mine design, planning, scheduling, and operations tracking systems with a strong focus on improving overall capability by supporting people and process, and delivering technology.

As a company, we have a history built on the premise of integrated mine planning. With the increasing amount of operational execution data being generated by mining operations, Deswik has been exploring how to truly integrate operational plan execution with upstream mine planning processes.

Deswik is often asked about Short Interval Control (SIC) in mining and how an integrated SIC strategy could be implemented for mining operations. We believe that SIC in mining warrants an integrated scheduling-driven approach, which includes tactical (medium or short-term) and operational (weekly, daily, or shift) scheduling and execution.

This paper discusses the people, process, and technology considerations for SIC in mining. The paper also provides a review of several SIC concepts applied in the industry today and the reported benefits.

Download the «An integrated and scheduling-driven approach to Short Interval Control in mining» paper