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Deswik Goes Back to University

22 февраля, 2013

Mining software provider and consultants Deswik are pleased to announce the provision of Deswik Software for use by Mining Engineering students at the University of Queensland.

This week Deswik joined the ranks of mining software vendors in providing Deswik Software for use by Mining Engineering students in coursework at the University of Queensland. Deswik have been producing software since 2008, and Deswik Software is now used by mine planners in over 100 mines and projects worldwide. Initially Deswik will be available for use in the Hard Rock Mine Design course for open pit and underground metalliferous design, scheduling and landform & haulage scheduling.

Deswik co-founder, Managing Director and UQ graduate Wayne Romer is excited by the opportunity to provide cutting edge tools to a new generation of mining professionals:

‘This represents a milestone for Deswik – we have come full circle. Deswik was founded by UQ graduates, our head office is in Brisbane, and now we can bring the best of what we’ve developed in the past 18 years since graduating, and make it available for use by the newest members of our industry. Pending successful outcomes this semester we are hoping to also be involved with open cut and underground coal design, scheduling and landform & haulage scheduling coursework in the future.’

Deswik co-founder, Director and UQ graduate Adam White sees potential for Deswik to be involved at other universities around Australia and the world:

‘Deswik has quite a few UQ graduates, including mining engineers and from other disciplines, so it meant a lot to us to start with UQ. However we are looking forward to getting involved with other universities and courses across the world. From that perspective we are tailoring training materials for the students that we believe will display the best of what you can do using our tools, but in a student friendly format and level of complexity. Deswik consultants are all mine planning specialists – we live and breathe this work, and are all keen to see our art advanced. We have worked hard over the past 5 years to find better, faster and smarter ways for mining engineers to do their jobs, so it is logical we want to be involved with the mine planners of the future. First and foremost we will consider this a success if students use Deswik software to do great mine designs, schedules, dump schedules and trade-off optimizations for their Mine Design courses. ’

For further information or enquiries, please contact Deswik at info@deswik.com.