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Deswik.MDM providing technical data management efficiency

11 декабря, 2020

On March 25, 2019, the Deswik.MDM implementation at OZ Minerals Prominent Hill went live, and Senior Mining Engineer Kelsea Kurtzer checked out a draft mine design. During the next twelve months 1,175 designs, surveys and other technical changes for the Ankata and Malu underground orebodies were checked in and approved. Deswik.MDM has provided critical data management, transparency, and governance for the large volumes of technical data required to keep Prominent Hill operational and productive.

Deswik.MDM is a spatial database, and technical workflow management tool, that provides the single source of truth for a site. It maintains data integrity while providing site-wide access to the latest data, enabling quick and efficient decision making. The implementation of Deswik.MDM at OZ Minerals has delivered considerable value, which is visible in the:

  • Management of critical data categories related to underground hazards
  • Optimization of planning processes
  • Efficiency gains in day-to-day data access and use
  • Increased quality and clarity of outputs from the planning process
  • Easy access and visibility of mine plans by the Site Operations and Control Room teams

The Prominent Hill team partnered with Deswik in a multi-stage implementation process:

  1. Mine planning process review and improvement identification
  2. Implementation of process improvements in three phases of System Configuration, User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and System Launch, as departments incremental transitioned to Deswik.MDM
  3. Post-launch incremental growth and sustaining improvements as more departments start to leverage the value provided by Deswik.MDM

Increasing internal expertise and building self-sufficiency during the project resulted in a sustainable system after the project was commissioned and Deswik’s role reverted to support and mentoring.

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