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Face it, you need mapped data to validate your geological models!

28 января, 2020
на Nick Anderson

In mining geology, robust mine mapping and interpretation of ore-controlling features are important to reduce risk associated with geological uncertainty and ensure that ore value and mining operational revenue are maximized.

Improved accuracy and efficiency of the ore control process, as well as increasing orebody knowledge has downstream effects leading to a more informed resource model. In an underground mine, this can also help improve development and stope planning, as well as drill targeting.

In the not so distant past, underground mapping has been drawn on paper, neatened up in the office, maybe scanned, and possibly digitized in a 3D environment to create explicit 3D meshes. Sometimes it’s just left in a folder! Paper-based mine geology methods and physical modeling techniques need to be updated for the age of the digital 3D mine. Two tools at the forefront of this are Seequent’s Leapfrog Geo software as well as Deswik.Mapping.

Why Leapfrog and Deswik.Mapping are a winning combination for resource geology teams

Deswik’s GeoTools portfolio is designed for mine geologists to improve efficiency by eliminating the double handling of data. Geologists can bring their designs, photography, and sample data into their 3D mine design environment and capture their observations directly in 3D space. If a site is using Deswik for other actions such as design and survey, data transfer between disciplines becomes seamless and automatic such that geologists always have the latest design and as-built information at their fingertips.

Seequent’s Leapfrog Geo software is a workflow-based 3D geological Modeling tool. Leapfrog Geo’s advanced implicit modeling engine bypasses time-consuming wireframing and lets you build models directly from various sources including drillholes, points and surfaces. Models update dynamically when new data is added to a project, making it easy to keep models current. This reduces the risk of making key decisions based on out-of-date information.

The following workflow demonstrates how you can create a robust geological map of your underground mine using Deswik.Mapping and use this to inform your implicit Leapfrog Geological Model. Pairing Seequent’s Leapfrog Geo and Deswik.Mapping creates an industry-leading workflow for smarter mining.

Download the full paper «An underground mapping to implicit modeling workflow»